5 “en-LIGHT-ening” Fixture Ideas for Your Kitchen

5 “en-LIGHT-ening” Fixture Ideas for Your Kitchen

When it comes to kitchens, sometimes lighting takes a backseat to countertops, cabinets, and flooring. But why? The lighting in your kitchen makes the space! In function and beauty. Without the right lighting, you can't enjoy the colors and veining in that spendy slab of granite you spent two weekends getting just right. Do we even have to mention that it’s nice to actually see what you’re cooking?  Bottom line, you've put a lot of resources and time into choosing the perfect materials everywhere else, unattractive light fixtures will stand out, bringing the entire room down. There are many kinds of fixtures, and each one has its own advantages for certain areas and décor styles.


1. Recessed
Lights that are flush with the ceiling, such as recessed lights, offer a soft glow that will enable you to cook and clean in your kitchen. Recessed lights are especially useful in spaces that have low head clearance because they do not take up very much space. Because this type of light fixture is small and subtle, it can go with almost any style or décor, but contemporary and modern styles especially use recessed lighting.


2. Pendant
This type of fixture is especially popular over conversation and work areas, such as a kitchen island countertop. They are usually decorative, so they are appealing in open areas that need a small, localized lighting source. This type of lighting is especially popular in kitchens with contemporary décor.


3. Chandelier
Chandeliers are a dramatic option for kitchens with tall ceilings since they hang down a foot or more. They provide light for a large portion of the kitchen when they are hung high enough. They also come in a wide variety of styles, but décor styles such as traditional, contemporary, rustic, and old-world style are some popular décor designs that people like to use chandeliers with.


4. Track Lighting
One of the benefits of track lighting is that the light sources can be directed according to your needs. Several bulbs with shades come on a track, and each individual light bulb socket with shade can be moved along the track. The direction of the light source can be changed by redirecting the angle of the shade and bulb socket. This type of lighting is often used in contemporary décor.


5. Wall Sconces
Fixtures that are attached to the wall work well for lighting small areas. They can highlight a decorative wall, piece of art, or a food prep area. Wall sconce fixtures are also available in models that will suit popular decorating styles such as modern, contemporary, traditional, as well as several others.


Many lighting fixtures can help you with task and general lighting. For more information on all of the types of fixtures that work well in a kitchen, contact us. Design Center of Boise has been in the remodeling business for years, and we have the knowledge to help you plan what will work best in your space.

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