7 Unique Backsplash Ideas to Spruce up Your Kitchen

The backsplash adds character and style to the kitchen, taking the room to new levels of sophistication and whimsey. The general appearance, subway tile, can get boring quickly. Luckily, subway tile isn't the only backsplash design available. Get away from the norm and add these inspiriting designs to the backsplash instead.

1. A Chalkboard

Need to write a thought? Stay in the kitchen with a chalkboard backsplash, which offers space for cooks to write recipes, errands, grocery lists, menu items, and random information. In addition, use this space as a food presentation label in case guests don't know what they're eating. It doubles as a drawing board for children. Chalkboards are easy to clean and reuse as needed.


2. A Pegboard

Besides the chalkboard, an odd choice for backsplashes is a pegboard. Pegboards are mostly a game and task related item, but it raises the bar as a backsplash. A pegboard backsplash accomplishes two things: decoration and serviceable pieces of storage. Store and retrieve gadgets, utensils, cookbooks, towels, and oven mitts along with non-kitchen items like notes, drawings, and photos by inserting pegs or hooks.


3. Nature Patterns

Real or manufactured, stone, brick, or wood as a backsplash are a visually pleasing choice. The natural outdoor elements are appealing and inviting without effort, grounding the zaniest of kitchens. Stone and brick offer rough and bumpy textures to the smooth kitchen appearance while wood offers a smooth, natural elegance to the area. However, use wood backsplashes for kitchens lacking wood cabinets, wood countertops, and wood islands as wood-on-wood can be redundant.


4. Stainless Steel

Everyone has heard of stainless steel appliances and cookware because they are the new standard of kitchen items. Few know about stainless steel backsplashes, and it's an interesting choice. Stainless steel is sleek, sharp, and futuristic along with easy cleanup. Against a modern, minimalist, and contemporary design, a stainless steel background thrives. Stainless steel unites a space containing stainless steel appliances too.



5. Polar Opposite Paint

The kitchen follows one to three different color schemes as the primary colors. For the backsplash, choose a contrasting color not associated with the kitchen color scheme and paint the backsplash that color two times. Seal the paint to keep it shiny and beautiful. The contrasting paint is an instant backsplash, offering a noticeable pop of color and individual vibe.


6. Remarkable Wallpaper

The wallpaper used on bedroom and living room walls could double as a backsplash. Wallpaper adds uniqueness and pops of color to a lifeless kitchen. With endless colors, patterns, stripes, shapes, and textures, finding the perfect wallpaper is a journey. In fact, it's effortless to find excellent wallpaper in the desired price range.


7. A Focal Point

The backsplash garners the most attention in kitchens similar to how fireplaces and accent walls attract attention in living rooms. Above the cooking range or near the sink should be a photograph, recipe, chalkboard, mosaic, or decorative plate to give the eye something pleasant to view while completing tasks.


Incorporating one of seven designs into the kitchen will transform the space immediately. The chalkboard and pegboard are functional backsplashes while the wallpaper, paint, and focal point inject personality. Meanwhile, the stainless steel and nature options are realistic, timeless, and classic. All are worthy conversation pieces that deserve a spot in the kitchen.

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