Best Indoor Houseplants

Decorating with indoor houseplants will bring a breath of life to your home. Finding the right space for some lush plant-life will help improve air quality and add pops of green into every room. When shopping for houseplants, it is important to consider how much light and watering the plants require for proper growth. Likewise, knowing which plants will work best based on your desire of responsibility when caring for them will help guide your decision. Below is a list, organized by lighting and care requirements, of the best indoor plant options.

High Light
The Aloe Vera plant is one of the easiest plants to care for when exposed to proper lighting. These succulents are known for their capacity to produce fresh air, and beyond lots of bright, direct sunlight, they require minimal watering. Furthermore, the leaves of an aloe plant can be used for therapeutic purposes. Breaking these thick blades will reveal an interior, soothing gel that can be used to moisturize skin and to heal burns and other wounds. Along with aloe vera, cacti, bromeliads, agave, and other succulents make great indoor plants as they require minimal watering and attention. Most plants under this category will tell you when they need watering, as their leaves will become less turgid and softer to the touch. These plants also work well when placed or potted in proximity to each other, and they are available in different height ranges and textures, which combine to create eye-catching design effects.

Medium Light
For medium lighting conditions, the most non-temperamental plants that require only occasional, routine watering fall under the category of hanging plants. English Ivy is a perfect example of this kind of indoor plant. Ivy plants can be hung from windows in hanging planters or used decoratively on window sills and end tables provided that they receive regular exposure to natural sunlight and are protected from direct heat. Ivies thrive in slightly dry soil conditions with plenty of drainage. This means that you only need to occasionally monitor them for watering. As these plants grow, they can add a cottage-like aesthetic to your home, cascading out of their planters with dramatic effect. If you do not like the look of ivy plants, Spider Plants are another option that you can choose for medium light conditions. They received their name because their long, thin, variegated blades emerge in a spider-like formation from a central rosette at the base of the plant. These plants require only moderate watering and indirect sunlight, and can easily add some greenery to any room provided the proper conditions.

Low Light
Last, for low lighting conditions, one of the best options and least finicky house plants is the Snake Plant. Snake Plants can start off as small table-top plants, but they can also grow and be purchased as large floor plants. Snake Plants are one of the best plants for bedrooms because they thrive in even the lowest of lighting conditions, and they are especially effective at filtering air at night. They live best in a free-draining soil mix in pots with plenty of drainage. You should allow their soil to dry completely before watering them, and they require even less water during the winter months. Please take note that if you have cats or dogs, these may not be the best option because their leaves, if ingested, are toxic to animals. Other great options for low light plants include mosses, begonias, and even mint, all of which thrive when lighting is minimal.

Depending upon your lighting conditions, the above options for indoor plants are all easy to care for when given the proper living environment. Whether your home provides bursts of bright, natural sunlight throughout the day or you live underneath deep shade with minimal sun exposure, these plants will add bursts of color and personality to your home. Even better, you’ll get hands-on experience in developing your green thumb!

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