Kitchen Remodeling: Where to Start

Step 1: Why even remodel in the first place?

The desire to remodel the kitchen means that there is something wrong or missing with the existing one. List down the things that do not work for you in the kitchen. Does it not jive with your design preferences? Do you think that hardwood floors are easier on your feet? Knowing exactly what you want makes the plan of remodeling a lot easier.

Most designers still recommend the classic work triangle. This means that the kitchen sink, counter, and refrigerator are arranged in a triangular pattern to promote easy workflow. However, this is just a general guideline. The most basic principle is to follow what works for your needs and the limits of the space available.


Step 2: Come up with a budget and stick to it.

There are many aspirational sites that can fuel imagination for a dream kitchen. But, to do remodeling correctly, your feet should be firmly planted on the ground and your head out of Pinterest. Your hand should also have a firm grip on a calculator.

Your budget should be broken down into line-by-line costs. It should contain the estimated amounts for materials, including transportation and taxes. It should also include the cost of labor and a contingency fund for unexpected costs.

Finally, come up with your lists of must-haves. Take into consideration how you use the kitchen. For example, if family dinners in your household mean a whole turkey roasting in the oven while cupcakes are frosted for dessert, then you will need a lot of counter space. On the other hand, if dinner is a takeaway box for you and your family, then you won't need a full-sized fridge in your new kitchen.


 Step 3: Search for the right contractor

Finding the right contractor for the project can mean a lot of legwork on your part, but the easiest way to get in touch with a reliable contractor is by getting a referral. However, business pages are also goldmines when it comes to finding the right group to work with.

Have a conversation with potential candidates, and allow them to talk about their experience and fall in love with their past work. Find out about how they source their materials and their warranties. Be specific when it comes to the budget and discuss how it can be maximized.


Deciding to remodel the kitchen is a big task that should be carefully planned and masterfully executed. Not only does it involve a lot of financial resources and the construction itself can mean you are unable to use your kitchen during the process. But in the end, remodeling your kitchen can provide you with years of enjoyment when done right.

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