Quick & Easy Bathroom Remodel Ideas

A bathroom remodeling project does not necessarily have to involve a complete overhaul of the space. Sometimes, all you require is an injection of simple and creative ideas to achieve what you are looking for. By replacing or upgrading certain aspects of your bathroom, you can give it the facelift it deserves without going through the trouble of finding contractors and busting through your budget ceiling. The next time you feel the need for a bathroom remodel, consider the following quick and easy tips to positively transform the outlook of your bath without doing too much.

A Fresh Theme

Changing the theme of your bath will instantly breathe a sense of life into it. There is a variety of approaches you can use to achieve this once you have chosen the subject of new theme you want for the bathroom space. For instance, if you are looking to have an artistic theme, what you can do is to simply blend in a mix of colors, shapes, and patterns to achieve this. Look for simple yet intricate pieces of artwork like vases, beads, and virtually anything artistic to install at strategic sections of your bathroom. Finding the right balance for these new additions will definitely boost the style of your shower space.

Add Storage Cabinets

Adding storage facilities will not only give your bath a fresh and updated look but will also improve its visual appeal. They help to declutter the area and make it more spacious by storing your toiletries like shampoo and body wash in an organized way. Find spaces near the mirror, tub, and sink to position these built-ins. Install cabinets that have pull-out drawers to help you sort items more easily so that you don’t have to keep on misplacing them. You can also add floating wall shelves and wall mounted baskets at different areas of your space to maximize the storage.

Install Accent Tiles

Replacing the flooring material is another viable idea for any simple bathroom remodel project. Instead of the dull and boring tiles you have in the bath, substitute them with accent tiles that are cheap and quite easy to install. Choose a tile color that will nicely fit in the general design of your shower space and compliment the different colors in the shower. Accent tiles are perfect for small spaces and promise to enhance the décor in your bath.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is a nice and affordable way to boost the appearance of your bath. They produce an even illumination on all sections of the room and make for a cozy and subtle atmosphere. Place the new lighting fixtures near mirrors, bathtubs, shower, and artworks to make them more visible. Choose LED bulbs because they will help to minimize your energy costs and won’t heat up your bathroom.

Update Bathroom Textiles

Replace the old shower curtains, floor mats, and towels with new ones to make your bath more decorative. Look for matching towels with bright colors and intricate designs that will blend in well with your shower curtains and floor mat. Fold the towels and arrange them neatly on the countertops and storage racks for the room to be nicely organized.

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