The Best and Worst Ways to Add "Pops" of Colors to a Room

The Whole Point

Perhaps the room was already painted beige when you moved into the house. Perhaps you just put the time and effort in to repainting the room a light grey. Or suppose someone else came and did the work, per your instruction, and made the room a pale ivory color. Whatever the reason, you have a room painted with a neutral color. While the neutral colors give off a more mature vibe, overall, the color is bland and boring. Chelsey Bowen from HGTV remarks, “Grounding a room in a neutral palette gives your eyes a place to rest, while purposeful pops of color move the eye throughout the room to find new and interesting elements.”


The Worst Ways to Add These “Pops” of Color


The idea to completely repaint the room is not adding a “pop” of color, it’s completely changing the room and filling it with color. The other bad idea is to not do anything at all with the neutral room and leave it as a bland, empty-feeling room.



A common mistake is to “over-decorate” by adding “pops” of color in every nook and cranny of the room. This doesn’t lead the eye in any particular way and overwhelms the senses.



The Best Ways to Add These “Pops” of Color

Thinking Theme

One of the best parts of a neutral room is that it feels bigger than it actually is. This is because the room itself isn’t swamping the viewer’s eye with color and making a bold in-your-face statement. A neutral room can speak volumes with its toned-down color, from elegance to beauty to simplicity, etc. As Lauren Flanagan from The Spruce remarks frequently on, while adding these “pops” of color, it’s important to keep in mind what type of vibe and message the room is exuding. Keeping the message in the room is crucial so as to avoid over-decorating or adding too many “pops” of color.


Use of Space

Consider a huge part of the room that carries a large majority of the room’s color: the floor. A living room, for example, could have carpet or hard flooring or tile and its color and purpose should be chosen carefully. The floor is a large part of the room, so consider having a rug or some “pop” of color to draw the eye. This applies to any large space in the room where nothing is happening. Perhaps a large section of wall could have a paint-filled canvas to bring a fresh “pop” of color or a few carefully placed lamps could add warmth in certain spaces.


Think About a Designer

If the idea of trying to decorate a room and fill it with “pops” of color is too much, consider hiring a designer that can bring that extra touch of clean professionalism and bring the room to its maximum potential. They will use their knowledge of lighting, hardware, placement of appliances and more to create the room that you desire most.

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