Trending Style: Wet Bath

Recent trends embracing minimalism and integrating conservative usage of space have been serving as inspiration for modern design trends. Wet baths or wet rooms is a trending design choice for bathrooms in homes looking to add some contemporary flair. Essentially, these rooms are carefully crafted bathrooms that are specially designed with fixtures, furniture, and lighting that are designed to tolerate prolonged exposure to moisture. This style of bathroom can be created with a separate partition for the shower and bath, or they can be designed to combine all bathroom essentials into one efficient space. The end result is a spacious, spa-like feel that promotes relaxation and emphasizes efficient use of space.

What makes a wet room an interesting choice for bathroom spaces is that they can be implemented in bathrooms scaling from small to large. Tiny homes, recreational vehicles, traditional family homes, and even high-end hotels can take inspiration from wet bath styling. Of course, in a tiny home or a recreational vehicle, emphasis is placed on efficiency. Wet rooms of this type can be built within a very small square footage, and they typically combine toilet, shower, bath and sink tucked away into one compact closet.

However, master baths in homes and larger bathrooms in luxury hotels can take inspiration from these efficiency bathrooms and transform them into lavish spa-like retreats. In these settings, careful choices, both in construction and design, must be made in order to properly implement this style of bathroom.

When designing a luxury wet bath, proper construction is of utmost importance. First, the floor must be leveled with a gradient in order for water to appropriately flow to the center of the wet room for proper drainage. In many cases, the door to the room must be elevated, or the floor must designed with a dip in order to avoid water from leaking out in the case of a clog. Furthermore, wet rooms must be completely waterproofed from floor to ceiling in addition to the materials selected for both lighting and fixtures. Some wet rooms will use a glass divider in order to separate the bath and shower, the “wet” area, from the toilet and sink, the “dry” area. While the level of construction may seem complicated, wet baths offer an exotic space to relax and unwind in your own home. In hotels, wet baths can be listed as an additional amenity available for guests to enjoy a spa-like escape during their stay.

In summary, wet baths are a unique way to meld the concepts of both functionality and design into one unique bathroom. They offer a sleek, airy feel, and when implemented properly, they have several benefits. In smaller spaces, they effectively implement all of the necessities of a fully functional bathroom in one compact design. Another advantage is that wet rooms are easier to clean as you will need fewer textiles in the bathroom. Also, surfaces will be easier to scrub due to their uniformity. Though the initial costs and construction necessary to convert your bathroom to a wetroom may seem overwhelming, many people who invest in creating these unique bathroom retreats are ultimately satisfied with this renovation choice. Their homes not only feature a posh, relaxing getaway, but they increase also increase the value and thus resale potential of their homes through this renovation project.

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