Undercounter Refrigeration – What to Know

The newest kitchen trend is about functionality as much as it's about style. Homeowners are opting to add undercounter refrigerators to their design plans. Undercounter refrigerators have been used commercially for years, but lately, they've started showing up in residential kitchens. There are options for every budget and designs to match every style.

How Will You Use Your New Undercounter Refrigerator?

There are several different types of undercounter refrigerators available. Homeowners should choose one that best fits with their lifestyle and compliments their design choices.



If you're always running out of space in your full-size refrigerator, then an undercounter refrigerator might be the right choice for you. Many homeowners install these refrigerators in kitchen islands, so ingredients can be stored near the food prep area. Parents also love these smaller refrigerators to store drinks and snacks for their kids.


Wine Cellars

Different wines need to be stored at different temperatures. Connoisseurs of fine wine will appreciate the undercounter wine cellar's dual temperature zones, vibration dampening racks and doors that eliminate ultraviolet light.


Beverage Centers

In addition to having two temperature zones, beverage centers have shelving that holds food, drinks and wine. This makes them great for homeowners who like to entertain. The internal temperature of beverage centers can range from 35 to 65 degrees.

Built-In Versus Freestanding Units

You have probably seen freestanding compact refrigerators before. They're commonly used in restaurants and cafes. Freestanding units cannot be placed between countertops because of the location of their condenser.

Built-in undercounter refrigerators can be placed under counters and between cabinets. The refrigerator doors can also be designed to match the look of your cabinets, providing a seamless look.

Refrigeration Isn't Just for Kitchens

Undercounter refrigerators aren't just being used in kitchens. Thanks to their compact design, stylish appearance and affordability they are showing up in every room of the house.

Indoor-Outdoor Living

Are you dreaming of creating the perfect deck or patio? How amazing would it be to have an outdoor kitchen? Store steaks for the grill, or ingredients for the perfect mojito, in an outdoor undercounter refrigerator.

Great for Entertaining

Turn your dry bar into a wet bar with an undercounter refrigerator. Whether you're hosting a Super Bowl party or a wine tasting, a conveniently placed undercounter refrigerator allows hosts to interact with guests, instead of spending the evening in the kitchen. Some undercounter refrigerators even come with icemakers.

Perfect for In-Law Suites

Create a functional kitchenette with undercounter refrigeration. Some families are even installing compact refrigerators in bedrooms to limit the amount of time elderly loved ones have to go up and down stairs.

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